Enter the Endless Tower!

A bastion of foes lost to time. Here you will be able to battle never-ending waves of foes which will challenge you more and more the further you rise in the tower! The higher up you get, the greater the rewards will be!

  • Dynamic Levels! Every couple of levels, the tower will increase in level and the overall strength of foes it throws at you.
  • New Dynamic Crafting! Every 10th level contains a special crafting floor. You can make some mighty fine gear here. The higher the floor, the higher bonuses on the gear you can craft!
  • One-Way Trip! Once you leave the tower, you’ll have to start back at the bottom of the floor; so do not leave if your adventurers have life left in them!
  • Time stops completely while in the tower! Your adventurers will not age! Time will not pass! Miraj won't even be able to invade your towns! Not even Doctors have any power here!
  • No Endurance Costs! Coffee is the ultimate energizer! Your adventurers won’t have their endurance lowered while traversing the tower. What sorcery is this?!
  • Random Dungeons you say?! For something brand spanking new, every floor will have a random layout. You’ll never know where the boss, or treasure, waits for you.
  • Collect Gift Certificates inside and out of the tower, and then use their magical powers to forge even more powerful gear!

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