Adventurer Manager


Reunite the kingdom of Adventuria and defeat evil by recruiting Adventurers to send on Adventures for epic loot and rewards in this upcoming RPG/Management Sim with tons of depth, randomization, and customization options!

The evil Illusionist Miraj has murdered your parents, the King and Queen, and has taken control of the Kingdom of Adventuria. Playing as the King's sole heir, you must recruit local Adventurers to complete Adventures to regain the loyalty of the various races in the realm. Only through reuniting your kingdom will you have the power to defeat the evil Illusionist Miraj!

Take part in a grand adventure in this upcoming RPG/Management Sim game with more depth and customization options than any other mobile game before it!

EARLY ACCESS starts 4/23 - Search for 'Adventurer Manager' on steam or visit this link:

Plans for iOS and Android releases!

General Information
-Create Your Ruler to begin your story!
-Recruit Randomized Adventurers from 7 races and 8 classes each with their own bios, benefits, and drawbacks!
-Unlock Secret Party Bonuses by organizing your Adventurers into 4 separate parties and arranging their formation front to back!
-Go on Adventures from over a dozen different locations on a large world map!
-Explore dozens of unique dungeons!
-Automatically Complete Adventures or...
-Manually Complete Adventures for bonus rewards!
-Turn-based Combat with dozens of skills and spells!
-Level Up your Adventurers with stat points!
-Dozens of Skills from unique skill trees!
-Endlessly Generated Loot to equip your Adventurers ranging from common, uncommon, rare, legendary, unique, and set items!
-Dozens of Monster Types each with...
-Resistances and Weaknesses to exploit.
-Unique Boss and Miniboss monsters to challenge your toughest Adventurers!
-Upgrade Your Castle to impart benefits to all of your Adventurers!
-Gain Your Subjects' Allegiance to receive upgraded Adventurers and more!
-Avoid Deadly Traps or don't!
-Harsh Death Penalty where resurrecting your Adventurers isn't cheap!
-Original Retro-inspired Soundtrack!
-Steam Trading Cards!

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